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Improving Endnote Efficiency in 2 Steps

Updated: Mar 31, 2019

I recently got a new computer. While it's a lot of fun to have something new, it's also been a pain to get all of my software installed and running the way that I like it. This was doubly so for Endnote, which is one of the most time-saving and yet frustrating software suites to use. I created a tutorial to show everyone the easiest way to get Endnote running efficiently when first downloading the software. This probably won't be super useful for someone who is brand new to Endnote, but it should help people who know how to use Endnote and feel like they are not getting the most out of the software.This video will teach you how to:

  1. Import citations from Pubmed, Google Scholar, and any other journal website directly into your Endnote library with 2 mouse clicks.

  2. Import a journal terms list into your Endnote library so that journal titles are properly abbreviated every time.

These two things will save buckets of time when using Endnote. Furthermore, they'll both help with accuracy, as they reduce the amount of stuff that's being manually entered into documents. If you found this video helpful, let me know! I'm planning to make more videos about using Endnote, as it's a software that I firmly believe every medical writer should be proficient in.



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